Emmanuelle Waeckerlé, voice

Petri Huurinainen,  guitar

John Eyles, saxophone

“bouche bée” is a French expression meaning “ to stand open-mouthed, stunned, speechless, gaping and gawping ”

Free and structured improvisation bringing in dialogue  E.W vocal repertoire of extended human inarticulation and non-verbal sounds with P.H brief melodies, looped rhythms and odd noises. Voice and guitar respond to or (mis) lead one another, but always react in the moment.

After a few years break, 2009 to 2014, Bouche Bée came back to life wiser and stronger as a completely analogue and acoustic outfit.

Bouche Bée  was formed in 2005 as one of the outcomes of VINST, a project exploring the body as language and the interplay between the real and the virtual world.  VINST is a unique and highly sensitive vocal instrument, part human part virtual: a body without organs consisting of Emmanuelle’s body image displaying points of sonic sensitivity, a fusion of human body and digital technology responding to touch but also to mood and sensibility.

Bouche Bée started as the human counterpart to VINST, extending to the human voice and real instruments its unique scoring system, vocal repertoire and custom made Performance system (Max MSP patches); VILMA, a transformative software reacting to sound input to create responsive manipulation of visual material (score, text, drawing), VALTER , a transformative software designed to expand in real time voice and vocabulary.

VALTER and VILMA were programmed in Max MSP and Jitter by Sebastian Lexer with financial support from UCA research fund.